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  • All shows on this page are available for $1000 for the wind parts. Percussion parts are available for $1250 CUSTOMIZED to fit your instrumentation. Drill is also available for ANY size group. Fill in the "CONTACT US" form below for more information.


  • 380 Hundred shows to choose from


  • A Beautiful Mind

    Spring 1, Sad Machine, Short Ride in a Fast Machine, Wake Me Up

  • A Bad Hair Day

    Sweeney Todd Overture, Barber of Seville, Flower Duet, Gordon Goodwins Hunting Wabbits,

  • Abracadabra

    Sorcerer's apprentice, Hall of the mountain King, Night on Bald Mountain, Aquarium

  • Abstract Thoughts

    Original Composition

  • Accidents Happen

    Cartoon, Smile, Theme from Rick and Morty, Radioactive

  • A Distorted Imagination

    Pure Imagination and original music

  • A Drive Home

    NPR Theme, O For Tuna, Songbird, Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore, Cup Song, Rite of Spring, Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra

  • Aerospace

    The Music of Holst and Aerosmith

  • Against All Odds

    1812 Overture, America The Beautiful, Jai HO, Largo (New World), Rudy's Theme, Walking Dead, Beethoven's 5th (4th mvt), Miracle (Movie "Miracle on Ice")

  • A Knight to Remember

    Sorcerer's Apprentice, Night on Bald Mountain, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Original Music, A little Nacht music

  • A Matter of Taste

    What's Inside, Breakfast Machine, Khachaturian Gallop, Rhapsody On a Theme of Paganini, Festive Overture

  • Alpha

    Moonlight Sonata, I'm Up in the Woods, Wolfman Suite, Attacking Brides

  • Amid Surreal Nights Dreams

    Only Light, Gargoyles, Hydrogen Jukebox, American Faces

  • Animalistic

    Animals, Rite of Spring, Hymn of Acxiom, Scythian Suite, Carnival of the Animals Finale

  • The Ascent

    Machu Picchu, Jacob's Ladder, Thanksgiving, Fly to Paradise

  • The Awakening

    Imaginarium, Rachmoninov Piano concerto #2 (2nd mvt), Horizons (Paul cooper)

  • Aladdin

    The Music from the Movie Aladdin

  • All Aboard

    Great Locomotive chase and Ghost Train

  • The American Trainride

    Last Train Home, American Overture, Country Roads, Magnificent Seven

  • Americana

    America, Shenandoah, Texas Our Texas, SSB

  • Americana #2

    Rocky Point Holiday, Canyon

  • Americana #4

    Shaker Dance, It is well with my soul, Chorale and Shaker Dance

  • Americana #5

    America The Beautiful, American Faces, Glory, American Salute

  • An American Soldier

    Hallelujah, Wicked Way, American Soldier, Pact of War, Gross Encounter, Victory Quest

  • Angels

    Pie Jesu, Pachelbel, In the Arms of the Angel, original music

  • Angellic

    Salvation is Created, Pachelbel, Old 100th, In the Arms of the Angel, Fly to Paradise

  • Another Time

    The Red Machine, Take Five, Yesterday, Penultimate Experience

  • Antiphonal

    Flying Yesterday, The Four Sections by Steven Riech, Horizons by Paul Cooper, Escape (Little Prince), original music

  • Apocalypse

    Little Fugue in g Minor, Coriolan Overture, Handel Sarabande, Symphony in g Minor (Mozart)

  • A Stroll Down Memory Lane

    The Twelfth of Never, Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight, Wipe Out, Bouree, Aqualung

  • Anti Bullying

    Turning Tables, Love is Louder, Theme from to Kill a Mockingbird

  • Appian Way

    Pines of Rome, Gladiator, Ben Hur

  • Apollo 13

    Fanfare for the Common Man, Enterprising Young Men, Jupiter, Mars

  • A Rose

    Kiss from a rose, Torn by Nathan Lanier, Fantasia in G by Mahr

  • Arabian Nights

    Arabian Nights, Lawrence of Arabia, Scheherezade

  • Armenian Dances

    The music of Armenian Dances

  • Artistry In Motion

    Tocatta and Fugue in D minor, Prelude 18 BWV 887, Lux Arumque, Badinerie BWV 1067, Invention BWV 772, Brandenburg Concerto No. 2

  • Assimilation

    Tron LEGACY #9 Rinzler, Scythian Suite Op. 20 Prokofiev, Salvation is Created, Jesus Christ superstar main theme

  • As Time Goes By

    Westminster Chimes, Ride, Summertime, As Time Goes By, Let's do the Timewarp

  • At Dawn They Slept

    Olympiada and At Dawn They Slept (Curnow)

  • At The Summit

    Robert Smith piece entitled "At The Summit"

  • A Sky Full of Stars

    Imaginarium, A Sky Full of Stars, Prologue (original), Tristan and Yvonne, I'm Blue (da ba dee)

  • A Tribute to Grandparents

    A Mis Abuelos, No Diggity, Thank You (tribute to grandparents) Grandma's Hands, Oh! Grandpa

  • Aurora

    Aurora Awakes, Moondance, True Colors, Wondrous Light

  • Aurora Borealis

    Lux Aurumque, Radiant Joy, Dusk, Symphony for Brass and Percussion

  • The Beatles!!

    Many of their Favorites!!

  • Becoming The Black Swan

    Pavane, The Swan, Symphonic Metamorphosis Mvt 2, Serenata Schizophrenia Mvt. 1, Swan Lake, Perfection

  • Be Someone

    The Walk, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Symphonic Metamorphosis Mvt. 2, Spiegal I'm Spiegal, Don't Give Up On Me

  • Beautiful Side of Crazy

    Serenade Schizophrenia, A brass thing, Enigma Var, Everything (radiohead)

  • Beyond

    Sprach Zarathustra, Mars, Jupiter, Moonlight Sonata, Sounds of Silence, Enterprising Young Men

  • Beyond The Jungle

    Elephant Waterfall, Estancia, Iron, United Nations (The Black Panther), Wakanda (The Black Panther)

  • Beyond The Sand Dunes

    Themes from Wind and the Lion, Uninvited, Saint Seans Bacchanal, Incantations

  • Biorhythms

    Karl Jenkins Sol Fa and Benedictus, Puma (Rain Forest), Africa (Toto)

  • Big, Bad and Blue

    Blue Devils 89-New York Fantasy, Ya Gotta Try, Channel 1 Suite

  • Birds of a Feather

    Blackbird (in a minor setting), Swan Lake, Gonna Fly Now, Angry Birds Theme, Chicken Dance, Firebird Suite, Someday I'll Fly Away

  • Bitten

    The Music of Diary of a Vampire

  • Black Widow

    Itsy Bitsy Spider, Symphony No. 8 (Beeethoven), The Old Castle, Black Widow (Iggy Azalea)

  • Black Widow

    Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ain't no Sunshine, Original music

  • The Black Widow

    Original Music, Prayer of St. Gregory (Alan Hohvaness)

  • Black and Blue

    Blue Devils/Madison Show-Malaga, Legend of the One Eyed Sailor, Remembrance

  • Blackbird

    Night on Fire, Blackbird, Watchman-Tell us of the Night

  • Blast Off

    Fly me to the moon, Leaving on a jet plane, Moon Dance, Jupiter Hymn, Mars, Star Trek- Next Generation

  • Blue

    Rhapsody in Blue, Blues in the night, Blue Rondo

  • Blue #2

    Nemesis, Take Five, Blue Rondo A La Turk, Macarthur Park

  • Blue #3

    The Blue Planet, Blue Rondo, Blue Shades, Blue Skies, Blue Windows, Blues in the Night, Rhapsody in Blue

  • Blue #4

    Blues In The Night, Rhapsody In Blue, Blue Rondo, Devil In a Blue Dress (Vocal), The Blue Planet, I guess That's Why They Call It The Blues, I'm Blue

  • Blues In The Night

    Blues in the Night, Blue Planet, Blue Shades, Blue Skies, Rhapsody in Blue

  • Blue Cubed

    Rhapsody, Blue Shades, Blue man group, blue skies

  • The Blues Brothers

    Can't turn you loose, Soul Man, Shake Your Tail feather, Minnie the Moocher, Sweet Home Chicago

  • Body, Soul and Mind

    Equus, Adoramus/Doxology, Alive (Meatloaf)

  • Bookmarks of Japan

    Original music and Bookmarks from Japan by Julie Giroux

  • Boxed Out

    Theme from Chester, Irish Tune, Original

  • The Boxer

    Eye of the Tiger, Fight Song, Fighter, Going the Distance

  • Bottom of the 9th

    Field of Dreams, Nimrod, Beethoven 9, Dvorak 9

  • Boundaries

    Theme from Psycho, Tchaikovsy and Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet

  • The Bride Wore Black

    The Bride Wore Black

  • Bugs

    Concert band piece (Roger Cichy)

  • Burtonized

    Sleepy Hollow, Original Music, Ice Dance (Edward Scissorhands)

  • Butterfly Effect

    Kaleidoscope of Mathematics, Pure Imagination (Ready Player One), Butterfly (Makaroff)

  • By George

    Music of George Handel, George Gershwin, George Michael

  • Cardiac #2

    Original composition-with Tango De Roxanne and Un Para Cabesa (True Lies Tango)

  • Carnival'

    El Carnaval de Venecia, The Barber of Seville, Rigoletto, Tarantella Napolitana, Balcony Scene

  • Carousel

    Carnival of Souls, Merry Go Round, Humoresque, Dance of the Comedians

  • Carousel

    Merry Go Round (Sparke), Saint Saens Carnival of the Animals

  • Catch This!!!

    Festive Overture, Glinka

  • Celestial Journey

    Inspired by Fanfare for the common man, jupiter theme, Lux Arumque, Major Tom, Enterprising Young Men

  • Celestial Skies

    Stardust (jazz standard), Septimus/Coronation (Movie Stardust), This is Berk (How to Train Your Dragon), August's Rhapsody (Movie "August Rush")

  • Chaos Restored

    Street Spirit, Creep-Radiohead, Resistance by Muse

  • Chaos Theory

    Inspired by the piece Chaos Theory

  • Chances Are...

    Elegy and Symphony #2 by Chance, Introducing Flint, As one listens to the Rain, Ain't No sunshine, Flint's Determination

  • Charmed

    Scheherazade, Arabian Dances (Balmages), Trust In Me, Incantations, Danse Bacchanale

  • Checkmate

    Featuring the music of the Broadway musical Chess

  • Chess: The Art of War

    Bolero, Elsa's Procession, Farandole, Heart of Courage, Palladio

  • Circus Circus

    Entry March of the Gladiator and Original

  • The Cirque

    Cirque Du Soleil -Atmadja, Incantation, Let Me Fall

  • Cirque Du Soleil

    Atmadja, Birth, Distorted, Incantation

  • The Civil War

    Hallelujah, Tara's Theme, Glory, glory Hallelujah, Theme from Gettysburg

  • Cloud 9

    Chasing Sunlight, Rhapsody on a Theme Paganini, Fly to Paradise

  • Colors

    Dies Irae, Red Cape Tango, Aquarium

  • Colors #2

    A Howling Wilderness, Gavorkna Fanfare, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (Hanson)

  • Color #3

    Imaginarium, Rippling Watercolors, Malaguena, I'm Blue

  • The Color of Imagination

    Pure Imagination, Alice in Wonderland, True Colors, Imaginarium (Standbridge)

  • Coming Home

    Bring Him home, Disney's Millenium (cadets 2000), Equus---Features Soprano sax all state player all throughout!!!

  • Connected: Music Is Life

    Show Me Your Firetruck, August's Rhapsody, Fightsing 17th, James Pradke suite for band

  • Constellations

    Music from Star Trek

  • Continuum

    Stained Glass, The Abyss, The Escape (from the Little Prince)

  • The Crossroads

    Crossmen 2005 - Radar Love, Paradise, Country Carole King So Far Away

  • The Crown

    Royals, Persis, Night Battle, Corelli Trombone Trio

  • Crown Jewel

    Peterloo Overture, Appalachian Morning, Glinka, Aurora Awakes

  • The Daily Grind

    Morning Mood, Queen of the Aria, Rite of Spring, Flight of the Bumblebee, Farondole, Uptown Funk, William Tell Overture, Ode to Joy, Marriage of Figaro, Original music

  • Daliwood (Bollywood)

    Featuring The Indian Music of Daliwood (Bollywood)

  • Dark Horse

    Dark Horse, Writings on the Wall, Glorioso (by Ito)

  • The Dark Side of Light

    Lacramosa, Verdi's Requiem, Lochme Flower duet, Elsas Procession, Time to Say Goodbye, Symphonic Metamorphosis

  • The Dark Soul of the Raven

    Original Composition

  • Dealing With The Blues

    Michael Buble' show (Cry Me A River, Someone To Watch Over Me, Feeling Good, Blue Skies)

  • Deception

    Russian National anthem, Shostakovich 5, Zombieland (main theme), J.S. Bach art of fugue

  • The Deep Blue Sea

    The Blue Planet, Northmen Theme, Showdown, Tristan and Yvonne, Of Sailors and Whales (mvt. 5), The Bravest Boy I've Ever Known

  • The Descent

    The Sea Treaders, Shape of Water, Aquarium, Fur Elise, Hypnotic Fireflies

  • Destinations #1

    Danse Bacchanale, The Moldau, Tchaikovsky 4, William Tell Overture, Camen, Can Can

  • Destinations #2

    Saint Saens Bacchanale, Oh Danny Boy, Una Para Cabeza, Caravan (whiplash)

  • Diamonds

    Ineterstellar Suite, Romeo and Juliet Main Theme, Pallidio, Ice Dance (Movie "Edward Scissorhands"), Diamonds are a girls best friend

  • Discovery

    Discovery Main Title (Star Trek Discovery), Enterprising Young Men, Pure Imagination

  • Don't Stop

    Don't Stop Believing, Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, Elsa's, Time to Say Goodbye, Bolero, Don't Stop Me Now

  • Doors

    Catalyst, To a New Journey

  • Dot, Dot, Dot...

    Rumpelsitlitskin (Turner), Polka Dots and Moonbeams, Moon River, Cruella De Vil

  • Download 2.0

    The Music of Cirque and Original Composition

  • Download 3.2

    Original, Pure Imagination, Dragon Castle

  • Dreams

    Dreamland (Markowski), Medeas Dance of Vengance, Legends of the Fall Ballad, Flying

  • Dreams #2

    Harrison Dream, Flying, Salvation is created, Psycho Suite

  • The Dreaming Tree

    Based on the Lorax, Irish tune, Dies Irae, Jazz suite dance no. 1, Main Theme from Remember The Titans

  • Dreamscape

    Original composition, Verdi's Requiem, Dies Irae, Nessum Dorma

  • Dreamtime

    Featuring the Music of Harrison's Dream

  • Dusk to Dawn

    Chasing Sunlight, A Sky Full of Stars, Ein Klein Nachtmusik, The Bravest Boy

  • Earth #1

    Featuring The Music of Phillip Sparks

  • Earth #2

    Tears for fears, Appalachian morning, and Cold Play

  • Earth Song

    Earth Song, Eternal Fire, Millenium (tapestry of Nations)

  • The Elements: Earth, Water, Fire

    Appalachian Morning, The Moldau, Fire-Gilroy

  • Elvis Lives!!!

    Featuring The Music of Elvis Presley

  • Equinox

    Symphony No. 2 (Beethoven), Autumn Leaves, The Bravest Boy

  • Escape From.....

    Shostakovich Symphony 5 (Finale), Song without words (Holst), To Tame The Perilous skies (Holsinger)

  • Espionage

    Music of Bond, Bourne, and True lies (tango ballad)

  • Everybody Knows

    Everybody Knows (Sigrid), Night on Fire, Criminal (Fiona Apple), Fly to Paradise (Whitacre)

  • Everything In It's Right Place

    Everything In It's Right Place, Creep, My Iron Lung

  • Exaltation

    Pachelbel, Ascension, Amazing Grace, Angels in the Architecture

  • Exploration

    Clair de Lune, Moonlight Sonata, Sprach Zarathustra, Enterprising Young Men, Jupiter, Jupiter Hymn, Coronation (Stardust)

  • Fallen Angel

    Stravinski's Rite of Spring and Stairway to Heaven

  • The Fallen

    Beethoven sym 7, mvt 2; Rachmaninov Prelude in C sharp minor; Regina Spektor- All of the Rowboats

  • Family Values

    Godfather Theme, House of the Rising Sun, O Verona, Pagliacci

  • Fantasy

    In the Stone,Fantasy, At Last, Send In The Clowns, It Will Rain

  • Fearless

    Twisted Nerve, Psycho Suite, Man of Steel, Heart of Courage (2 steps from hell)

  • The Fear Within

    Grohg Imagines The Dead Are Mocking Him (Copland), Scythian Suite, Hymn of Acxiom, Rite of Spring, Coronation (Stardust)

  • Festival Infuego

    Huapango, Adagio para instrumentos de viento, Inferno, Bolero, Par una Cabesa (true lies tango), Set Fire to the Rain

  • Fiesta

    La Fiesta Mexicana, Mis Abuelos

  • Fight or Flight

    Scramble, Rise Up, Dragon Castle/original, Shostakovich Symphony #10 mvt 2, Flight of the Bumblebee

  • Final Fantasy

    Bombing Mission, Force Your Way, Liberi Fatali, Aerith's Theme

  • First Circle

    Pat Matheny's First Circle

  • First Flight

    Music From Starlight

  • Fire

    Firebird Suite, Vesuvius, Set Fire to the Rain

  • The Fire Within

    Crash and Burn Delight, Vesuvius, Abrahm's pursuit, Firebird Finale

  • 5 (Five)

    Beethoven's 5th, Mahler 5th, Take Five, I'll Be There

  • Five

    Original, Hall of the Mountain King, Beethovens 5th

  • Fly

    Canyon, Someday I'll Fly Away, 1,000 Airplanes on a roof

  • Flying

    1,000 Airplanes, Let's go Fly a Kite, True Love's (shrek soundtrack), Flying (Peter Pan)

  • The Forest

    Above and Beyond, Firebird Suite, Rippling Watercolors, Flight of the Thunderbird

  • Forever

    Forever Young, Pachabel, Nothing lasts Forever (queen)

  • Friday Night Lights

    Remember the titans, Rudy, MNF theme, Fox NFL theme, We are the champions

  • From the Darkest Place

    Nightmare (Herwig), Scramble, Kaleidoscope of Mathematics, Fanfare for a New Day (Herwig)

  • Fury and Fire

    It Is Well With My Soul, Firebird, Vesuvius, Abrahm's pursuit, Fire

  • G

    Music of composers with G in their name, Gershwyn, Grainger, Gaga

  • Galactic Quest

    Enterprising young men, Go, Fanfare for the Common Man, Jupiter Hymn, 2 steps from Hell

  • The Garden

    The Colony (Ants), Flight of the Bumblebee/Green Hornet, Flower Duet, Music inspired by Make our Garden Grow, Iron Will (Main Title)

  • Genie in a Bottle

    Original music, Arabian Dances (Barrett and Balmages), Gypsy Caravan by Randall Stanbridge, Incantation, Genie in a Bottle (Christina Aguilara)

  • Gladiator

    Shostakovich Symphony No. 10 mvt 2, Titan Spirit, We Are Free

  • Glass

    Ethiopia part 3, Flute Concerto, Marble Machine, Dracula - Maki Namekawa

  • Gold

    Strive, The Escape (The Little Prince), Septimus and Coronation (Stardust)

  • Gods of Egypt

    God of the Impossible, Obelisk Fight Part 1, Snakes on a Plane

  • Good As Gold

    Danse Macabre, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Firebird Suite, Rite of Spring,

  • The Good Life

    In The Arms of the Angel, Awesome God, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, Blue Rondo

  • Good Night Moon

    Lullyabye (Billy Joel), Sorcerer's Apprentice, Breakfast Machine/Katchakurian Gallop

  • Good vs Evil

    Olympiada, Old Hundreth, Rite of Spring, Tempered Steel, Beethoven's 5th

  • Good vs Evil #2

    Tocatta and fugue in d minor, Old Hundredth, Original music, Firebird, Dies Irae, Rite of Spring, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Stairway to Heaven

  • Gothic

    Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor, Verdi's Requiem, Liberi Fatali, Little Fugue in G Minor

  • Go West

    City Slickers Main Title, Simple Gifts (Major and minor setting), Originalmusic

  • Graffitti

    English Dances set 1 and 2, Hey Jude

  • The Greatest Showman

    Greatest Show, From Now On, Come Alive, The Other Side, Rewrite the Stars, This is ME

  • Halo

    Featuring The Music of The Video Game Halo

  • Harley Quinn

    Everybody Knows, Beethoven Virus, Nessum Dorma, Shostakovich 5 Finale

  • Haunted

    Come, Sweet Death (Bach), Night on Bald Mountain, Salvation is Created, Symphony No. 10 mvt 2 (Shostakovich)

  • Hats

    Theme from Alice in Wonderland, Putting on the Ritz, Rhapsody in Blue, Paparazzi

  • Heartbreaker

    When a Man Loves a Woman, Pachelbel, Heart Breaker (Pat Benetar), Theme From Ice Castles

  • The Heist

    Original music, Karl Jenkins, Wild Nights, I Put a Spell On You

  • Hello....Good-Bye

    Hello (adele), Lacymosa (mozart), Mozart's requiem, 160 bpm (zimmer), Time To Say Goodbye

  • Hero

    Ben Our Battle Preparations, Perfect, Barbarian Horde

  • Hero's

    Sym no 4 Heroes, sym no 3, Thorn from a Rose

  • Heroes Lost and Fallen

    To Tame the Perilous Skies and Machu Picchu and original composition motivated by Golden Apple of Hesperides

  • Hitchcock Presents

    Naked and dead them, Citizen Kane Overture, Psycho Suite, Twisted Nerve

  • The Hive

    Midsummeer Night's Dream, Planetarium, The Pollen Jocks (Bee Movie)

  • The Hive #2

    Flight of the Bumblebee, original, Right of Spring, God save the Queen, Aha! By Imogen Heap

  • Home of The Free

    Chorale and Shaker dance, sing sing sing, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, When Johnny Comes Marching Home and America

  • Home On The Range

    Prairiesong, Magnificent 7, Red Rock Mountain, American Barndance

  • House of Cards

    Palladio (jenkins), Engish Dance, A time for us, March to the Scaffold

  • I Believe

    Mahler 4, Respighi, Beethoven, and original music

  • The Industrial Revolution

    Foundry, Elizabeth the Golden Age (Ballad), Ride

  • Illumination

    Dies Irae, Mozarts Requiem, Lux Aurumque, Dreamland (Markowski)

  • Imagine

    The Moldau, Gianinni Symphony #3, Pure Imagination, Young Person's Guide

  • Imaginarium #1

    Imaginarium, Cinema Paradiso, Bravest Boy I ever Met

  • Imaginarium #2

    Imaginarium, Paganini, The Bravest Boy I've Ever Known (Pete's Dragon)

  • Images of Japan

    Images of Japan (Fuji-san and thundergate, Sakura, Shadowplay (KA), Drums of the Saamis

  • Impressions

    Music of Joseph Curiale, Compassion, Joy, Call of the Mountain, River of Tears

  • Inferno

    Grainger (Children's March, Lincolnshire) Sparks (balbages)

  • In Flight

    To Tame The Perilous Skies, Over the Rainbow, C jam blues, 007

  • Infinity

    Original Music, Who Wants to Live Forever

  • Inked

    Bohemian Rhapsody, Addis Ababa by Lago, Fight Song, Original Music

  • Insanity

    Firebird, Fire, Vesuvius, Abrahm's pursuit, Masque

  • Inside These Walls

    Writing's on the Wall, Another Brick in the Wall, Undertow

  • Intersect

    Luminous and Unstoppable, Symphony #2 (Vento inspired by Rouse), Life After Death, Escapade

  • Into The Clouds

    Into the Clouds and To Challenge the Sky

  • Into The Storm

    Blue Skies, Main Title Twister, Here's that Rainy Day, Into The Storm, and original composition

  • In Pursuit of

    A Time For Us, Nessun Dorma, I'd Do Anything For Love (But I won't Do That), The Promise of Living, Appalachian Spring

  • Italian Images

    Theme From Godfather, Italien in Algiers, Mambo Italiano, O Sole Mio

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider

    Itsy Bitsy Spider, Spiderman Theme, Shostakovich #4, Waternight, Lex

  • Jacob's Ladder

    Copland's 3rd sym, Irish Tune, Barber's 2nd essay

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

    Featuring The Music of Jesus Christ Superstar

  • Jethro Tull

    Featuring the Music of Jethro Tull

  • The Journey Home

    Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, It is well with my soul, When the lights go on again

  • Joy

    Joy To The World, Noisy Wheels of Joy, Joy to The World, Hallejuhah, Ode to Joy, Dance of the Jesters, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, Handel's Messiah

  • Joyful

    Joy To The World, Noisy Wheels of Joy, JoyRide, Hallejuhah, Ode to Joy, Dance of the Jesters, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, Handel's Messiah

  • Juliet

    A Time For Us, Dance of The Knights, Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet

  • The Jungle

    Karl Jenkins Sol-Fa, Africa (toto), Elephant Waterfall (Jungle book), Original

  • The Jungle Book

    Primal Energy, Seal Lullaby, Danza

  • Just A Boy

    Everybody Know, Creep, Bravest Boy I've Ever Met

  • Juxtaposition

    Lacromosa, Tower of Power Squib Cakes, Dance of the Jesters/Pagliacci, Original Music

  • Kaleidoscope

    Through the Looking Glass, Reflections of Ivan, Symphony #10 (Glass), Reflection of Earth

  • Kokopelli

    Glass Suso the Screens (Leila Dies), Theme from Iron Will, Hymn to the Sun With the Beat of Mother Earth

  • The Knight

    Music from the movie First Knight and Robert Smith's Covenant

  • Knights of The Round Table

    Fanfare from First Knight, Covenant, Sinfonia Voci, Covenant

  • The Land of Make Believe

    The Land of Make Believe, Uffe's Woodshop, The Impossible Dream, Blue Rondo Ala Turk

  • La Fiesta Mexicana

    This 30 minute piece has been reduced to 7 1/2 minutes Highlights

  • Les Miserables #1

    Featuring the music of the Broadway musical Les Miserables

  • Les Miserables #2

    The Music of Les Miserables

  • Letter's Home

    Apollo 13 Theme, Reflections of Earth, Sing Sing Sing, Sounds of Silence, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Simple Gifts (minor setting)

  • Let it Rain

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Singing in The Rain, Here Comes the Sun, On the Sunny Side of the Street

  • Life

    Brahms Lullaby, Elsa's Procession, I Can't Help Falling In Love With You, Twinkle Twinkle, Paint it Black

  • Life On The Line

    Take the A Train, Symphony No. 2 (The Big Apple), New York State of Mind, Prelude to a Kiss

  • Light It Up

    Fire medley, Dynamite, Firework, Light em up

  • The Light Will Shine Through

    Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, Old Hundreth, Pachelbel Cannon, Original Composition, Dies Irae

  • Little Red Riding Hood

    Various composers Including, Ruby Tuesday and Red Cape Tango

  • Living In The Past

    Living in the Past, Turning Tables, Remembrance

  • Locomotion

    Great Locomotive Chase, Original, Equus, Pavanne/Titanium

  • Looking In

    Spice, Perfumes, Toxins (Leijendeckers), I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, All by Myself, Waving Through A Window

  • The Lord of The Rings

    The Fellowship, Two Towers, and The Return of The King

  • Lost Vegas

    Viva Las Vegas, Lost Vegas, Luck be a Lady Tonight, Poker face, I Did It My Way

  • Love Dance

    Inchon, Love Dance and Pagaent

  • Love IS Louder

    love is louder camerson ernst, Romeo and Juliet - Tchaik and Prokofiev

  • Madness

    Symphonie Fantastique, Mad Mad World, March to the Scaffold

  • Magic

    Sorcerer's Apprentice, Flower Duet, Breakfast Machine/Katchakurian Gallop

  • Malaguena

    All the Popular Melodies From Malaguena

  • Maleficent

    Bach Tocatto and Fugue, Say Something (aguilara), Sorcerer's Apprentice, Danse Macabre, Dies Irae, Original

  • Masque #1

    Masque (McBeth), Strangers in The Night (tango), Una Para Cabesa,Danse Macabre

  • Masque #2

    Infinite Ocean (intro), Masque, The Humming Chorus (Puccini), Bad Guy (Eilish), Korsakov

  • The Maze Runner

    Maze Runner - scorch trials sound track, Pan's Labyrinth, The Maze Runner Soundtrack (The Maze Runner)

  • The Meaning of Light

    Pachelbel Cannon, Frenergy, Abyss (main theme), Equilibrium

  • Metamorphosis

    New World Symphony, Symphonic Metamorphosis, Pavanne

  • Midnight Blue

    Madison 2011, Night and Day, Rhapsody in Blue

  • Muse

    Butterflies and Hurricanes, Stockholm Syndrome, United States of Eurasia, Knights of Cydonia

  • Music For Earth

    Appalachain Morning, Earth Song, Disney's Mellinnium (Tapestry of Nations)

  • The Music of Chicago

    Ballet For A Girl In Buchannan

  • The Old West

    Home On The Range, Magnificent Seven, Prairiesong, Red Rock Barndance

  • On Strings of Silk

    Verdi's Requiem, Serenade Schizophrenia, The Ballad of Sweeney Todd, The Gravel Road

  • Origami

    Original Composition of an Asian Theme (Sakura Sakura)

  • Out of This World

    Space Show (Jupiter-rock and roll version), Dark Side of the Moon, Major Tom

  • Out of This World

    A Sky Full of Stars, Mars, Jupiter, Jupiter Hymn, Sprach Zarathustra

  • Out of This World #3

    Sprach Zarathustra, Clair De Lune, Jupiter, Jupiter Hymn, Come Sail Away

  • Over The Edge

    Equus, Go, Bliss, Velocity, Uffe's Woodshop

  • The Painted Desert

    Barber's 2nd Essay, Colors of the wind, Sonoran Desert Holiday

  • Paradise Found

    Red Cape Tango, Karl Jenkins Benedictus, Paradise Lost (Eric Whitacre)

  • The Pathetique (The Path I Take)

    Various pathetique's and Life is a Highway

  • The Peace Within

    Olympiada and Ramparts by Samuel Hazo and Clifton Williams

  • Pedal To The Metal

    Canyon, Pee Wee's Big Adventure mash up with Khatchaurian Galop form Masquarade Suite, Dancer in the Dark (Bjork)

  • The Perfect Storm

    Music From The Movie The Perfect Storm

  • The Performer

    Danse Macabre, On my Own, Dance of The Knights, Dance of the Jesters, Shostakovich Dance Jazz suite

  • The Phoenix

    Fire, Firebird, Music of Karl Jenkins

  • Piano Man

    Piano Man, Paint it Black, Piano Concerto (Emerson), Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Mozart Piano Concerto

  • Pictures

    Pictures at an Exhibition, Paparazzi, Promise of Living

  • Power of Three

    We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody to Love, Bicycle Race

  • The Queens Crown

    Lourdes Royals, Elizabeth the Golden Age (Ballad), Mozart Requiem in D minor

  • Queen Show

    A Little bohemian Rhapsody, You're My Best Friend, Somebody To Love, Bicycle Race

  • Rain

    Come In From The Rain, As One Listens to the Rain, F5 Dorothy IV

  • Rain

    Come in From the Rain, After a Gentle Rain, Rephrygeration, Jubilee Overture

  • Rain

    Rain (Balmages), Rain rain go away, And I think it's going to rain today (Better Midler), Twister Main Theme

  • Rain

    Original music, Rain Rain Go Away, Chopin, The Moldau, Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  • The Raven

    Blackbird (Beattles), Dies Irae, Mozart Requiem, Requiem for a Dream, Pagan Dances

  • The Raven

    Requiem for a Dream, Mahler 2nd, Paganini Violin Concerto No. 4-mvt 2, Danse Macabre, Verdi's Requiem

  • Red

    La Vie En Rose, The Red Machine, Tango De Roxanne

  • Red

    Mars, Angels in the Architexture, Red Cape Tango, Ode to Joy

  • Red

    Bolero, Mars, Huapango, Set Fire to the Rain, Ain't no sunshine

  • Red, Red, Red

    Bolero, Tango from True Lies, Malaguena

  • Red #2

    Shostakovich #5, Tchaikovsky #4 finale, Rite of Spring, Swan Lake

  • Red #3

    Shostakovich, Scheherezade, Shostakovich #10 Finale, Dance of the Jesters, Pictures at an Exhibition, Rite of Spring, Great Gate

  • The Red Carpet

    Papparazzi, Man In The Mirror, Dynamite

  • Red Cubed

    The Glinka, Shostokovich sym #5, Theme from Romeo and Juliet, Rachmoninov prelude, More Romeo and juliet

  • The Red Dragon

    Tea House Fight (The Forbidden Kingdom), Gates of Gold (Joseph Curiale), Kahn (Julie Giroux)

  • Red Light/Green Light

    Rockypoint Holiday and Perthshire Majesty

  • The Red Masque

    Verdi's Requiem, Mozart Requiem, Requiem For A Dream, Dies Irae, original composition, Pavanne

  • Red Tango

    A Show Of Tangos

  • Reflections

    Chaos, Imitation Game, Mirrors, Suite in F and Shofukan

  • RE-Invention

    J.S. Bach and "Remember the Titans Main Theme"

  • RE-member US

    1812, Fur de lise (swing and tango), Ode to Joy (5/4), Radioactive

  • Return To Earth

    Interstellar Suite, Claire De Lune, Open Spaces (Balmages)

  • Requiem

    Verdi, Mozart, Requiem for a dream, Benedictus (jenkins)

  • ReLOVEution

    Theme from Alice in Wonderland, Rite of Spring, I dreamed a dream, Escape (The Little Prince)

  • Rhythms of The City

    Original, Dancer in the Dark, Bangkok

  • Rise of The Phoenix

    Fire (Gilroy), Abrams pursuit, Firebird, Masque (McBeth)

  • Rise Up

    Rephrygeration, Rise Up, The Bravest Boy I've Every Met

  • Rising Mercury

    The Music of Queen and Holst Mercury

  • The Rite of Red

    Scheherazade, Shostakovich #5 finale, Rite of Spring, Dance of the Jesters, Pictures at an exhibition, Romeo and Juliet

  • The Rite of Shostakovich

    Rite of spring, Shostakovich Symphony #5, and original

  • Rite of Winter

    Rite of Spring, Carol of the Bells, Silent Night, Spring (Four Seasons)

  • Rituals

    Original, Bachanale, Incantations, and the music of Karl Jenkins

  • The Romance

    Elsa's Procession, Marriage of Figaro, My Funny Valentine, Romeo and Juliet

  • Rosas

    Jazz Suite Dance #1, La Fiesta Mexicana, Mexican Fire Dance, Symphonic Dance #3, Roxanne Tango

  • Route 66

    Rhapsody in Blue, Oklahoma, Hooray For Hollywood, Route 66, Maple Leaf Rag

  • Royals

    Magic Flute, Finale Edward Scissorhands, Cynthian Suite (Prokofiev)

  • Run Boy Run

    The Kingdom (danny elfman) Run Boy Run (Woodkid), Weird Fishes (Radiohead)

  • Run Free

    All The Pretty Little Horses, Empire of Angels, Iron, Run Free

  • Salvation

    Dies Irae, Old 100th, Verdi's Requiem, Benedictus - Karl Jenkins, Angels in the Architecture

  • Sands of The Hourglass

    Original, Dancer in the Dark, Bangkok (has a morrocan feel)

  • Sandstorm

    Arabian Dances (Balmages), Scheherezade, Wind and the Lion, Incantations, Danse Bacchanale

  • Scared Crow

    Escape (From the Little Prince), Feed The Birds, Transylvanian Horses, Battle of the Crow

  • School's Out

    Pomp and Circumstance, Schools out for the summer, Summertime, Sweet Love, Tu Amor Me Hace Bien (Marc Anthony)

  • School of Rock

    We will rock you (pre-show), Juke box Hero, I love Rock and Roll, Sister Christian, Rock you like a Hurricane

  • Sea Chanties

    Somewhere over the Rainbow, Turning Tables, Original, Requiem for a Dream, Mozarts Lacramosa, Danse Macabre

  • Sleeping Beauty

    The Typewriter, Jeux D'enfants, Sleeping Beauty (Tchaikovsky)

  • Space

    Enterprising Young Men, Dancer in the Dark

  • Space

    Enterprising Young Men, Mars, jupiter, Dancer in the Dark (Bjork)

  • Spanish Show #1

    Danza, Rodrigo, Bolero, Spain, Malaguena

  • Spanish Show #2

    Malaguena, Symphonic Danse #3, Fiesta

  • Spanish Show #3

    Symphonic Dance #3, Adagio for winds, Original composition, and La Fiesta Mexicana

  • Spanish Show #4

    El Toro Caliente, Spain, original comoposition motivated by Rodrigo's Concerto de Arinuiz

  • Speed

    Theme from Legends of the Fall, Ride, {Promise of living, Stampede (lion king)

  • Spinning Metal

    Tempered Steel, Danse Macabre, Orava, Gymnopedie No. 1, Thunderstruck, Once upon a time

  • Spotlight

    Trittico (james curnow), Send in the clowns, original

  • Spring

    Rite of Spring, Carol of the Bells, Ere Rose a Blooming (vocal), Appalachian Spring

  • Spring Has Sprung

    Spring 1, Flight of the Bumblebee, Flower Duet, Simple Gifts

  • Spy Show

    Mission Impossible, James Bond Theme, Peter Gunn, Austin Powers-all with band innerwoven

  • Stained Glass

    Old 100th, Dies Irae, It is well with my soul, Jesu, Joy of man's desiring, original

  • Stained Glass #2

    The Blue Planet, True Colors, Pachelbel, A Colour Symphony, Original (Inspired by Fire in the Blood)

  • Stairway

    Stairway to Heaven, Fly to Paradise, Twitch, Reunion, Skyfall

  • Stand Up

    I Can't Change, Bring Me to Life, Beautiful

  • Stan Kenton Lives

    Malaguena, Pegasus, La Suerta

  • Star Rider

    Show based on The Star Rider by Foreigner

  • Starry Night

    A Sky Full of Stars, Pictures at an Exhibition, Scythian Suite

  • Sweet Dreams

    Escape, Dragon Battle, Lullaby, Sweet Dreams (Eurhythmics)

  • Technology

    Can't take my eyes off of you, Internet Symphony, Hymn of Axciom, Harmonium (adams)

  • Tech-Tonic

    Mr. Roboto, Abrahm's pursuit, KA, Mysterium (Standbridge)

  • Tempted

    Arabesque, Arabian Dances, Scheherezade

  • Through The Sands Of Time

    (Themes from Wind and the Lion, Uninvited, Saint Seans Bacchanal, Incantations)

  • Through The Woods

    The Forest Comes To Life, Into The Woods, And They Lived Happily Ever After, She Wolf

  • Thorns #1

    Battle of Moors, La Vie En Rose, Maleficent Suite

  • Thorns #2

    A Kiss From a Rose, La Vie En Rose, The Red Machine, A Time For Us, Every Rose Has It's Thorn, Romeo and Juliet segments

  • Three, Two, One....

    Lacrymosa, Flower Duet, Above and Beyond

  • Three Wishes

    Luck Be A Lady, Coronation (stardust), When I Fall In Love

  • To Be Wed

    Blackberry Winter, Pachelbel Cannon, Autumn Leaves

  • Tools For The Artist

    Pure Imagination, One man - Alone, Wind Sprints, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Wind Sprints

  • Tommy

    The Rock Opera (Blue Devils 1990)

  • T.O.P

    The Music of Tower of Power

  • Traffic Show

    Ride, Tricycle, Bicycle--Queen, Great Locomotive Chase

  • Tribal Images

    Palladio, Original music, Sol Fa and Benedictus, Chorale VI and Cantus-Songs of AEO (Karl Jenkins)

  • Turandot

    Turandot Act 1 selections, Sun and Moon, Fantasy on a Japanese Folksong

  • Turn

    A total eclipse of the heart, Dreamland (Markowski), Turning Tables (Adele), Turn Turn Turn (The Birds)

  • Twisted

    Fue De lise, Paradise (Radiohead), Flower Duet, Escape (Movie "The little Prince")

  • The Unseen

    Angels in the Architecture, 160 BPM, In the Arm's of an Angel, Fly to Paradise

  • Valhalla

    This is Berk, Northmen Theme, Showdown, Of Fathers and Sons

  • Voices Within

    Moonlight Sonata, Requiem for a dream, Mozart's Requiem, Verdi's Requiem, Ice Dance (Edward's Scissorhands), original music

  • The Volcano

    Fire Dance, Lux Arumque, Firebird

  • The Voyage

    Brisk Young Sailor, New World Symphony, Main Theme to Elizabeth the Golden Years

  • The Warrior

    Night flight from Crouching Tiger; Tea House Fight from The Forbidden Kingdom, Korean Folk Song, and Dies Festus mvt 3 by Yasuhide Ito

  • Water: The Stream of Life

    La Mer, "O", Niagara Falls, The Abyss, Ecstatic Waters

  • Watercolors

    La Mer, Alone in the Crowd, The Mural, Watercolors

  • Waves of Emotions

    Ode to Joy, Noisy Wheels of Joy, Joy To The World, Dance of the Jesters, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Rite of Spring, Dies Irae, Hallelujah, Messiah

  • The Way of the Warrior

    Dragon Racing, Perthshire Majesty, Run Boy Run, Battle of the Bewilderbeast

  • We Can, We Will, We Did

    Elegy (Chance), Abrahm's pursuit, Creed (Ballad from Movie), Disney's Mellinnium (Tapestry of Nations)

  • Welcome To The Show

    Send In The Clowns, Soaring Suite, Circus, Pink Elephants On Parade

  • Western Show #2

    Home on the Range, Magnificent 7

  • We Will Carry On

    Original composition, Dancing in the Dark, Theme inspired by "The Black Parade"

  • "What A Day......"

    Morning Mood, Let the Sunshine In, Working in a Coal Mine, Rhythm of the night by Debarge

  • What Dreams Are Made Of

    Harrison's Dream, Psycho Suite, Benedictus (Karl Jenkins), Flying

  • When I Fall In Love

    I Saw Her Standing There, Wagner's Wedding March, When I Fall In Love

  • Where Sleeping Giants Lay

    American Salute, Arlington Sketches, Simple Gifts

  • Wicked

    From the Musical Wicked, with some Wizard of Oz Mixed in

  • The Wicked

    Maleficent, Dum Spiro Spero, In Flight

  • Wild Nights

    New York Profile (Copland), Silent Night (Mannheim Steamroller), Harmonium (adams)

  • Winter

    Bleak Midwinter, Cold as Ice, The Storm (Vivaldi), Sounds of Silence, Dance of the Tumblers

  • Winter #2

    Coldest Winter, Vivaldi's Winter, Build A Snowman, Troika

  • Your World Off Balance

    Koyaanisqatsi, High Wire, Bon Ever Creeks, New World, Now We Are Free

  • Zombies

    Theme from Walking Dead, uninvited, original, mad world, Beethoven

  • 1000 Cranes

    Prayer from a Distant Island- Euji Suzuki, 1000 Cranes- Robert Sheldon, Kahn - Julie Guiroux

  • 655321

    Theme from Truman Show, Verdi's Requiem, Psycho Suite, Queen Elizabeth - Golden Age (Ballad)

  • 1941

    Cadets comparison to their 1995 show

  • 1987... In Retrospect

    Alone by Heart, synergetic parables, Bad by Michael Jackson, I Dreamed a Dream, It's the End of the World by REM